We see the future in cells

An AI-first biotechnology company on a mission to cure chronic diseases

CellVoyant is an AI-first biotechnology company with a mission to create novel stem cell-based therapies for chronic diseases. Our technology uses AI-first live cell imaging to predict and optimise stem cell differentiation, to controllably manufacture any cell and tissue in the body at scale.

We’re working at the exciting intersection of cell biology, computer vision, engineering, and machine learning to industrialise next-generation science from research into the real world.

We have the best investors behind us from day 1. We’re backed by venture capital firms who were the earliest investors in AI pioneer DeepMind, the two leading AI-first drug discovery companies, Exscientia and Recursion, and self-driving challenger Wayve. We’re also supported by the founder/CEO of Abcam, which pioneered the antibody business.

Our Mission

CellVoyant is an AI-first biotechnology company with a mission to create novel stem cell-based therapies for chronic diseases.

What if we could make the best possible cells for a given patient and their condition consistently, robustly and predictively?

At CellVoyant we are pioneering novel platform technologies to manufacture stem-cell based cell therapies that are robust, controllable, efficient and safe.

Why does this matter? Today’s approach to stem cell differentiation is artisanal, slow and inefficient. The industry measures the start and end states of tissues, flying blind as to the real time dynamics of cell fate decisions, which results in suboptimal tissue manufacturing protocols at best. With hundreds of clinical trials ongoing and upcoming, we need a better way to deliver effective life-changing therapies to patients.

At CellVoyant, we’re combining large-scale cell culture and live cell imaging with data-driven computer vision to predict and optimise cell fate decisions in real-time. This approach allows us to uncover and control optimal routes for programming stem cells into any desired adult cell type.

Our Values


We foster a culture of innovation, empowering individuals to think creatively and push boundaries. We actively engage in experimentation, embracing mistakes as learning opportunities. Our drive to challenge assumption propels us forward.


We work smarter, not harder. We quickly navigate complex problems, make informed decisions and execute projects with speed and precision. We’re nimble and committed to delivering optimal results in an ever changing landscape.


Our goal is to build a workplace that champions diversity, where every team member feels valued, respected, and empowered. We believe that by fostering an inclusive culture, we create a stronger, more vibrant organisation that can make a positive impact in the world.


We are dedicated to upholding the highest level of integrity, with a strong emphasis on transparency in all our communications. We promote compassion and accountability as integral behaviours within our business.

Be part of the journey

We seamlessly merge lab-based experimental biology with computing. We run a hybrid working setup with a lab and separate office based in Bristol, UK. Our wet lab scientists are based out of Bristol and our computational team are both based in Bristol and remote. We run off-sites quarterly to bring everyone together.


The Team

Rafael Carazo Salas

CEO & Founder

Francesca Laycock

Executive Operations Manager

Edward Ren

Imaging Scientist

Saad Mohamad

ML / AI Science Lead

Elisa Pedone

Stem Cell Operations Lead

Robert van Dijk

Machine Learning Researcher

Joe Peskett

ML Operations

Tunde Berecz

Stem Cell Scientist

Rickard Sjögren

AI Project Manager

Karunya Balasubramaniam

Laboratory Technician

Rich Lee

Head of Business Development and Commercialisation